Monday, July 19, 2010

Waiting for the Avatar (movie)

Avatar Aang the Last Airbender
The first ever Avatar episode that I saw was "Lake Laogai" from the Book of Earth. One boring afternoon, I was flipping through cable channels when I settled into this cartoon show in Nickelodeon. I thought it was just an ordinary kid's show, yes it is (a kid's show) but in a higher level. The first thing that amazed me was the fighting scenes, particulary, the cute girl and the little boy's ability to control earth in a cool (and sometimes synchronized) fashion. The sad part here is that there's also death involved (yeah, i believe he died).

After that, I started searching for episodes on the web. "Bending" is the term. I learned that the earth bender is blind, and her name is Toph. Aang is the latest Avatar - one who can control all 4 elements (*insert the intro here*). He's traveling with Sokka and his sister Katara to find his teachers for the other 3 elements. The purpose of this is to defeat the Fire lord (or the Phoenix King? hmmm) who's controlling the Fire Nation army bringing havoc to the other 3 nations, even fully extinguishing one of them -the Air Nomads - the Avatar's people. Very bad and crazy, right? I was kind of late but there's still time to catch up. The fans were still anticipating for the release Book 3: Fire (which is not really a book, but there's also a book version).

Book 3 came in and I was already joining the Avatards who were waiting for the weekly episode.
I had a random thought that it would really be great if this cartoon would be turned into a movie. Being a Google girl that I am, I searched for the keywords: Avatar the last airbender the movie. There was James Cameron's Avatar of course. But hey, I saw this article about M. Night Shyamalan and he was about to direct the film, the last airbender film of course. *A pinch of happiness*

Excellent. During the next months, when it crossed my brains, I would search about the progress of the movie. The casting (you all know it) was disappointing from the beginning. I even joined a Facebook group "Don't Whitewash the Avatar Cast."

I know there's so many reviews scattered on the web about the Last Airbender movie. It is currently rated 8% on RottenTomatoes with a lot of Shyamalan bashing. Well for me, I'm still waiting for it, it's not yet available in the Philippines. I'm already disappointed but I still want to see it.
Hey, I'm back to posting here! just anything again. ;)

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Smell I Love

I'm not a big fan of colognes and perfumes, but i do appreciate fragrant and nostril-friendly scents.

Back in elementary days, I liked sweet flowery scents that came in cute pink bottles. In high school, I enjoyed the smell of fresh citrus fruits. Then, in college, i showered myself with baby cologne scents.

Now, no more flowery, citrus or baby scents. My favorite is the smell of Chocolate. It should be mild and not overpowering. I actually found a Chocolate Scent like that in the internet. I'll just wait for them to accept payments via Paypal, I can use cocoa butter for now. =)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Was Hacked

Thanks, this is something to write about...

I got back here. I was up to a new start in my own domain when somebody whose learning to hack a site, hacked my site. Well, you got what you want, happy now?
- I just updated my Wordpress.

Writing, yes, i just found my like for writing, i mean blogging again. And i'm planning that this site will be an info blog, because i don't like blogging about myself much.

I am also looking for a good host, one that's hacker-safe? any suggestions, I might just get a domain name for this one, i'm not liking meiaonline anymore.

If you're bored and are looking for a fun trivia site. is one site you can try. =P

Have you been hacked before?

Friday, February 13, 2009


Hmmm. Let's see. I'm starting to build up links for boatsong. It's still not yet ready though. It will officially be an art(?) blog, coming sooner. Happy <3 Day!

Monday, January 26, 2009


Wee, hi! I have to set up Wordpress now! I have to do more things and be disciplined. I want a real blog already. =)

Direct TV

There are many nice movies and television shows out there and i would also like to watch them but doesn't have time for them. It would be nice to have something like a direct TV that offers family shows, movies, Sports and others.

Directtv can even be more affordable than Cable. With Directtv, you can choose the package that you want, just the programs that you are interested in. We know that we don't really need and watch every channel in cable tv. It is home entertainment and information in a cheaper package.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

last for 08

hehehe, many things happened and Christmas na! Didn't have much time to visit blogs and to do some sponsored posts (there were offers, sayang... tsk) but it's ok. hehe. I hope to learn more things next year. I'm getting to know Joomla! (not referring to anyone, but the cms lol)more. I miss Wordpress too. I want to see 2.7.

A graphics tablet would be a good gift. That's all i ever wanted since i joined deviantart last 05. (Not really ALL - i wantED a scanner too for my drawings.) hehehe.

Anyway, i hope 2008 will be a productive year.  Thank God for everything. For everything that i've achieved, to God be the Glory! :)

HI to you (you reading this), Merry Christmas, God bless you.
*i've typed some stupid words here, that i deleted, nonsense, haha.*