Monday, July 19, 2010

Waiting for the Avatar (movie)

Avatar Aang the Last Airbender
The first ever Avatar episode that I saw was "Lake Laogai" from the Book of Earth. One boring afternoon, I was flipping through cable channels when I settled into this cartoon show in Nickelodeon. I thought it was just an ordinary kid's show, yes it is (a kid's show) but in a higher level. The first thing that amazed me was the fighting scenes, particulary, the cute girl and the little boy's ability to control earth in a cool (and sometimes synchronized) fashion. The sad part here is that there's also death involved (yeah, i believe he died).

After that, I started searching for episodes on the web. "Bending" is the term. I learned that the earth bender is blind, and her name is Toph. Aang is the latest Avatar - one who can control all 4 elements (*insert the intro here*). He's traveling with Sokka and his sister Katara to find his teachers for the other 3 elements. The purpose of this is to defeat the Fire lord (or the Phoenix King? hmmm) who's controlling the Fire Nation army bringing havoc to the other 3 nations, even fully extinguishing one of them -the Air Nomads - the Avatar's people. Very bad and crazy, right? I was kind of late but there's still time to catch up. The fans were still anticipating for the release Book 3: Fire (which is not really a book, but there's also a book version).

Book 3 came in and I was already joining the Avatards who were waiting for the weekly episode.
I had a random thought that it would really be great if this cartoon would be turned into a movie. Being a Google girl that I am, I searched for the keywords: Avatar the last airbender the movie. There was James Cameron's Avatar of course. But hey, I saw this article about M. Night Shyamalan and he was about to direct the film, the last airbender film of course. *A pinch of happiness*

Excellent. During the next months, when it crossed my brains, I would search about the progress of the movie. The casting (you all know it) was disappointing from the beginning. I even joined a Facebook group "Don't Whitewash the Avatar Cast."

I know there's so many reviews scattered on the web about the Last Airbender movie. It is currently rated 8% on RottenTomatoes with a lot of Shyamalan bashing. Well for me, I'm still waiting for it, it's not yet available in the Philippines. I'm already disappointed but I still want to see it.
Hey, I'm back to posting here! just anything again. ;)

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