Friday, October 31, 2008

Plate Numbers

I have a recurring dream of driving a car and i don't know the reason for that. My brother surely wants to have one and i don't know when would that happen, he still has to pass his board exams before that. I can imagine his future car, all shiny in black, maybe with his initials in the plate.
I think it would be great if car owners can freely select their own private plate numbers to match their personalities. Through the site, Personalised Number Plates, you can search a wide selection of private number plates and choose what's fit for you. I think this is a good service because they will also do the paperworks for you.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Blogging: Yesterday and Today

This post is about my blogging experiences or observations when i first started it last 2004 compared to when i came back, 2008.

I started the interest for websites when i was in high school, i played around MS Publisher and made an offline site about our high school class. When i was in my second year college, i saw my classmate's xanga and became interested with blogs. I used blogspot and then was hosted by some kind private domain owners. I remembered i had subdomains in,,,, I think those domains are nowhere to be found now. I became busy with school and church so i stopped at late 2006 until i ended my college. I tried to make some blogs but they were not succesful. I came back after college and the blogging world became a little different.

1.) My online friends are people with the same age as mine (at that time), teenagers and talented aspiring artists.
2.) We design our own layouts/themes and i was looking forward to see new designs almost monthly.
3.) Tagboards were empty or half-empty. XD
4.) Blogs were more diary-like, people were quite emo.
5.) No-no to advertisements.

1.) My online friends are people of different ages, mostly 20 up like me.
2.) Most people use pre-designed templates.
3.) Tagboards are busy and often victim to spamming. XD
4.) More information in blogs, lesser personal stuff.
5.) More advertisements, more possible earnings.

I think BEFORE still exists it's just me that shifted from BEFORE to NOW or this blog is actually a mix. BUT still, we can not deny the change that online marketing has done with the blogging world.

I have 450+ MB unused space (for now) in, i'm thinking of having subdomain hostees but i have to learn about it before accepting hostees.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Earnings Update

I discovered the possibility of online earnings 3 months ago and i stayed with paid writing and blogging. For now, I only write for and

I wrote some articles and they're gaining some cents per day. lol. I don't write often so it's ok. For some articles, about 7 articles, i've been paid $3.95. And i haven't written anything in the whole month of September.

I gained $5.62 in my first month with 5 simple reviews and some ratings for other members. I just tried this if they are really paying, and they did pay me. They pay if your account reaches $5. So i'm focusing on Ciao now because it's quite easy.


I'm just starting on this, i think my blog is ready and i've signed up to the sites three months ago. I'm now on Buyblogreviews where i've never won a bid and just starting out in Socialspark. Any tips for me? thanks.

Just these, i think i had a good start.


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Less Blogging

I have decided to blog less because i want to focus on studying some things. With that, i can also have time to bloghop and give more meaningful comments (and return comments).

What do you see, 0 or 3?

I spent my last sembreak in front of the desktop watching the episodes of Naruto from the very first episode to the start of the filler episodes. And then i skipped the filers and read the manga, and then went to Shippuden episodes and then continued with the manga. :)

Thanks for the comments and awards, online friends. Godbless. :)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Forums and Dreams

I've been lurking and posting around some forums these days. One forum is tfichurch which is an unofficial forum for all the TFI church members across the Philippines. It's quite fun to share about our faith and ministries especially the Multimedia team.

Another forum is PhilWeavers. I was visiting this site years ago but i just decided to join last month. There's so much to learn from here if you are into web designing and web developing. I also knew that i'm not alone with my sentiment regarding against the Friendster profile (customized) designs. I'm also not the only one who has a non-art course wanting to venture into graphic design. Etc...

I got inspired. Now i want to be graphic artist/web developer/web designer. :)

Friday, October 10, 2008


This is supposed to be Job Fair day, but we do not have water supply since last night so i can not go there yet. I actually lost my passion for that job fair, maybe because i'm thinking that the local companies that would be there are still the call centers of the city. I'm not discriminating call centers but i've just decided that i want a job that's related with arts, web designing, programming or engineering. :)


For the online life, i joined and post some responds and questions there. It's a really nice site if you are into web designing. I also played around my cPanel and messed up with Joomla! -> i really do not know what it is but since i've been always reading about it, i decided to install it because it's available. I signed up for and they give me daily updates about the available freelance works and most of the works involve using this Joomla thing. I kind of understand it now.


God bless.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Wednesday morning post

I woke up early to do my daily early tasks and then i'm here typing. I submitted the resume yesterday and am continually looking for job opportunities. I decided to just go on studying things and making art. I have a volunteer work where i have to make some characters for a website. One character's almost finished and she doesn't look really good, there are many flaws in my attempt to use Illustrator. It's like a patience killer, especially if you do not group parts of your work together. It's still a good thing to learn from experiences and mistakes.

Looks ok here, but when i zoom it, it's quite messy.

My coding is a mess! I wondered why I'm having problems about feed. So, i checked my site through a feed validator service and got so many errors. I don't want to fix this layout anymore. I'll just try to make a cleaner layout next time...OR i might try to fix this now.

Job Fair! Thanks to the Masskara Festival, there will be a job fair on Friday. lol. update: I did not attend this job fair. XD

Responses to comments from the previous post:
Eugene: Thank you. :P
Kathryn: Thanks, i really have to have patience and confidence too, take care. :P
Tykez: Thanks for commenting. God bless in schooling. I just wanted to have a simple blog and a more personal-feel to my layout with minimal ads. :P

Monday, October 6, 2008

Day of Monday

So i called that company and the girl told me that there are no vacancies, but i can submit my resume, so i will do that tomorrow. So, i'm still jobless, i just do not want to venture into the call center world for now (or ever?) I will still study some useful things here at home.

I'm wondering why Moneysense picked Bacolod as the no.1 place to live in the Philippines. There's a scarcity of job opportunities here...hehe, sounds bitter. :P
I just discovered that there is Nuffnang Philippines already. Just some months ago when i wanted to join that site, it was only available for Malaysia and Singapore. Good thing, it's now available here. I checked the site and it looks cool. The Analytics part is awesome.

I just realized that i kept on clicking that Nuffnang ad to go to their site --> that's bad right?

Oh well, bye, Godbless.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Job Hunting?

I am searching for jobs through the internet and it is quite frustrating. I am watching updates (yah, watching, like watching grasses grow) from jobstreet, jobsdb and all other job sites. I also look for IT companies through wikimapia, from Bacolod's map. hehe. Doing that is quite entertaining. It is a Google Earth map, but people are allowed to put labels. I actually saw the names of my two college teachers there, it was funny. I found 1 potential company from that map.

I also had a day when me and two other classmates submitted resumes to the establishments in Bacolod. I submitted about 9 resumes for that day. Only one called and interviewed and i believe i failed that interview. On Monday, i will go to this building to submit an application ( I would have to call them first to see if the position is still open) although, i have already submitted an application by e-mail. hehe. They actually might be annoyed with me.

I just do not want to be late because almost a month ago, i saw a job posting that i really liked. It was Thursday but i submitted on Monday. When I called them, the girl told me that they already have a line up for that job. Yeah, and i thought, all the Engineering, IT and IT related grads in Bacolod + all the other job hunters are waiting too, just like me, so i have to be quick and most of all, ready.

I'm just armed with prayer and holding on to God's promises. haha. If it's for me, it's for me!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

I'm Back!

Yes, finally i have finished this layout. After almost a month of not updating, I decided to revive this blog and turn it from a niche blog to a personal blog.

I reverted back to the blogger classic templates because i still do not give enough time to learn xml. Besides, i learned and reviewed many valuables lessons upon making this layout.

I also removed unnecessary things like ads, the world visitor map, mybloglog, and homepagesfriends banner.

I can not remember my cbox account so i can not change the colors of it.

I missed blogging, and the bloghopping, i knew that Google Pagerank Update was done already and i didn't acquire any rank, still in the zero-ness. But I'm glad that my Alexa and Technorati ranks are doing good.

Online Earnings? well, i've put that down some steps away from my top priorities, as i have read somewhere, profit will come from what you enjoy doing. hehe.

Anyway, i searched for cupcakes in Flickr for this layout and that got me drooling over those cute and yummy-looking cupcakes, why don't you try looking at Bakerella's photostream.

For the personal side, I still am jobless, i submitted some applications in the passed month and this month but still am not hearing anything from them.


Do you have a Deviantart? Mine is Summersent. :)

Okay Godbless!


For the person(s) who commented on my last post:

Kittykat - thanks for the comment! :)