Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Less Blogging

I have decided to blog less because i want to focus on studying some things. With that, i can also have time to bloghop and give more meaningful comments (and return comments).

What do you see, 0 or 3?

I spent my last sembreak in front of the desktop watching the episodes of Naruto from the very first episode to the start of the filler episodes. And then i skipped the filers and read the manga, and then went to Shippuden episodes and then continued with the manga. :)

Thanks for the comments and awards, online friends. Godbless. :)


Umma said...

Hello Meia, thanks for leaving comments on my post. I really appreciate it.

I will add your site to my list so I I can do my daily rounds in your page too.

So you are a student? Are you in PI now or you are in US? Just curious. I hope to see you more often my new friend.

rehab monster said...
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