Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Earnings Update

I discovered the possibility of online earnings 3 months ago and i stayed with paid writing and blogging. For now, I only write for and

I wrote some articles and they're gaining some cents per day. lol. I don't write often so it's ok. For some articles, about 7 articles, i've been paid $3.95. And i haven't written anything in the whole month of September.

I gained $5.62 in my first month with 5 simple reviews and some ratings for other members. I just tried this if they are really paying, and they did pay me. They pay if your account reaches $5. So i'm focusing on Ciao now because it's quite easy.


I'm just starting on this, i think my blog is ready and i've signed up to the sites three months ago. I'm now on Buyblogreviews where i've never won a bid and just starting out in Socialspark. Any tips for me? thanks.

Just these, i think i had a good start.



kittykat said...

hmmm..advice??patients..don't get frustrated..enjoy blogging..though I know you do..

reanaclaire said...

i never heard of this triond.. is it ok? about ciao, seen it somewhere in a blogger's post... i hv yet to join in..
buy blog reviews, nv done before, always bidding for them though
SS is ok.. so far, so good..

r3k0mz said...

This news is a great to many people who wants to earn something while online. Gonna try this way and I will be logging for some results. Thanks for the info