Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Wednesday morning post

I woke up early to do my daily early tasks and then i'm here typing. I submitted the resume yesterday and am continually looking for job opportunities. I decided to just go on studying things and making art. I have a volunteer work where i have to make some characters for a website. One character's almost finished and she doesn't look really good, there are many flaws in my attempt to use Illustrator. It's like a patience killer, especially if you do not group parts of your work together. It's still a good thing to learn from experiences and mistakes.

Looks ok here, but when i zoom it, it's quite messy.

My coding is a mess! I wondered why I'm having problems about feed. So, i checked my site through a feed validator service and got so many errors. I don't want to fix this layout anymore. I'll just try to make a cleaner layout next time...OR i might try to fix this now.

Job Fair! Thanks to the Masskara Festival, there will be a job fair on Friday. lol. update: I did not attend this job fair. XD

Responses to comments from the previous post:
Eugene: Thank you. :P
Kathryn: Thanks, i really have to have patience and confidence too, take care. :P
Tykez: Thanks for commenting. God bless in schooling. I just wanted to have a simple blog and a more personal-feel to my layout with minimal ads. :P


kittykat said...

ei..your from davao??

dyemeyd said...

nice naman ung gawa mo ah?? i've been wishing I could those graphics thing with adobe or other multimedia software..:(

Addiction Elf said...

I love the layout of your blog and all the pictures!! It maade me want a cupcake.