Monday, October 6, 2008

Day of Monday

So i called that company and the girl told me that there are no vacancies, but i can submit my resume, so i will do that tomorrow. So, i'm still jobless, i just do not want to venture into the call center world for now (or ever?) I will still study some useful things here at home.

I'm wondering why Moneysense picked Bacolod as the no.1 place to live in the Philippines. There's a scarcity of job opportunities here...hehe, sounds bitter. :P
I just discovered that there is Nuffnang Philippines already. Just some months ago when i wanted to join that site, it was only available for Malaysia and Singapore. Good thing, it's now available here. I checked the site and it looks cool. The Analytics part is awesome.

I just realized that i kept on clicking that Nuffnang ad to go to their site --> that's bad right?

Oh well, bye, Godbless.


eugene said...

may a good job land on you soonest, keep every of fingers crossed ya,,,,take care

Kathrin said...

You can do it Joy! JobHunting is really tedious so don't be sad. Patience is the key. Hehehe

Tykez said...

I tried looking for a job in call centers for these past six months (because I got deloaded from school) ang I must say I learned a lot specially to value education and grades. I'm going back to school next month. So I will do better.

Ii like what you did to this blog. I suggest you make it a three columned blog