Thursday, October 23, 2008

Blogging: Yesterday and Today

This post is about my blogging experiences or observations when i first started it last 2004 compared to when i came back, 2008.

I started the interest for websites when i was in high school, i played around MS Publisher and made an offline site about our high school class. When i was in my second year college, i saw my classmate's xanga and became interested with blogs. I used blogspot and then was hosted by some kind private domain owners. I remembered i had subdomains in,,,, I think those domains are nowhere to be found now. I became busy with school and church so i stopped at late 2006 until i ended my college. I tried to make some blogs but they were not succesful. I came back after college and the blogging world became a little different.

1.) My online friends are people with the same age as mine (at that time), teenagers and talented aspiring artists.
2.) We design our own layouts/themes and i was looking forward to see new designs almost monthly.
3.) Tagboards were empty or half-empty. XD
4.) Blogs were more diary-like, people were quite emo.
5.) No-no to advertisements.

1.) My online friends are people of different ages, mostly 20 up like me.
2.) Most people use pre-designed templates.
3.) Tagboards are busy and often victim to spamming. XD
4.) More information in blogs, lesser personal stuff.
5.) More advertisements, more possible earnings.

I think BEFORE still exists it's just me that shifted from BEFORE to NOW or this blog is actually a mix. BUT still, we can not deny the change that online marketing has done with the blogging world.

I have 450+ MB unused space (for now) in, i'm thinking of having subdomain hostees but i have to learn about it before accepting hostees.


Nanaybelen said...

ang tagal mo na palang nagba-blog.Buti bumalik ka. 6 mos. lang din ako.
thanks for commenting sa aking post

kittykat said...

hi..hmmm..i was here reading your posts..nice one dear..

Kathrin said...

Can't wait to see your first layout for your boatsong. XD

Btw, what's the story behind boatsong? Just curious.. it's cute :)