Tuesday, July 29, 2008

13 online games to keep you busy.

The internet will be a little boring without online games. There are complex games like mmorpg 's that would keep you addicted for years. But right now, I am featuring these simple games that I have stumbled upon in the last week. I tried every game here so that I can give you some information and tips. I also marked my favorites. So whether you are are at home, school, office or anywhere with your computer (with internet), you can enjoy these games as much as I did.

1.) http://www2.framestore-cfc.com/ FAV!
FRAMESTORE: POLAR PERIL. Bear jumping game. You have to wait for it to load if you don't have a faster connection. Tip: just touch the ice blocks, you don't really have to step into them.

TRIVIA SQUARES. Quiz game. Tip: be sure to watch the bear with number 3.

3.) http://www.keepbusy.net/play.php?id=open-doors FAV!
OPEN DOORS. Just get to the X which is the exit but it won't be easy. Tip: Take your time (you need plenty of time) and think think think.

4.) http://www.juliasneedledesigns.com/Air%20Force%20Test%20Game.htm
AIR FORCE TEST GAME. Click and hold the red square and do your best not to touch the sides and all the other square. I can't even reach 5 sconds.

5.) http://theblacktop.com/ahh.swf
AAHHHH!! Just don't let that stick touch the edges.

6.) http://www.shockwave.com/content/shuffle/sis/shuffle.swf FAV!
SHUFFLE. Very fun game. Tip: Just hit hard between two marbles.

7.) http://dagobah.biz/flash/Cursor_Invisible.swf
CURSOR INVISIBLE. I cannot understand at first but it was fun. Tip: just try it.

8.) http://www.onemorelevel.com/games/avoider.html FAV!
AVOIDER. Very fun. Just keep your cursor safe! Tip: That guy can not penetrate through the sides but his nasty gadgets can.

9.) http://mazzanet.id.au/ball.php
BALL. Very frustrating. Tip: just take it easy, calmly.

10.) http://www.cafecafegames.com/games/239/battle-mechs.html
BATTLE MECHS. Good game. RPG-type battle. You really have to decide well.

11.) http://www.plasticmartians.com/play.php?gameID=5
PLASTIC BALLS. Nice game just like the classic Arkanoid.

12.) http://www.mojang.com/notch/mario/ FAV!
INFINITE MARIO BROTHERS. Very very very fun! Brings back memories.

13.) http://www.ivoryboy.com/difference.html
5 DIFFERENCES. A typical spot the difference game. I gave up after spotting 4.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

12 Cool and Cute USB Designs

How does your USB look like? Mine is just looking usual unlike the ones down. While most of us are using and buying USB's in the tradtional shapes and sizes, some people that are techy + creative are making unique designs of these memory sticks. Of course, they're USB's, in the technical side, they're all the same. But when we want to showcase our individuality through our USB's, it's not a crime to spend, right? I've searched for images of usb designs and chose the cute looking ones to feature. There are so many designs, but I just chose 12.

1.) USB with crystals for a glamorous nerd. (That's not me :P)

2.) Cute to the max. I really like the drawings and color combinations used.

3.) Halo 3 USB design.

4.) Mickey mouse shape with photo frame is cute too. I like the reddish one.

5.) A robot USB design. I just remembered my college life. lol.

6.) Doggie bones. The colors are neat too.

7.) For the sake of sake. I just remembered Rock Lee. Cool looking laptop there.

8.) That set looks yummy.

9.) The old tape has been revived with this tape USB design.

10.) Yummy or is this really USB?

11.) I want the pink one.

12. The wooden design. This is probably my favorite.

All the pictures used in this blog post are not mine. I got them from different sites and I didn't have the time and will to trace the original owners of the pictures. Thank you.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The 2nd Annual ARTWORK T-shirt Design Competition

I passed by the mall and saw the posters for The 2nd Annual ARTWORK T-shirt Design Competition. I was looking for an e-mail address or website to pass the design but learned that I have to go inside and ask about it so i did.

(I was first pretending to look at the T-shirts) and later I went straight to the counter to ask. She told me that I have to buy the detergent box-looking box with the shirt inside for P80. After thinking for some seconds, i asked my mother to give me P30 because I only have P50 in my pocket. So I bought the box and wrote my name on the notebook.

I got home and opened the box and read the guidelines written on it. The shirt is not white, it is somewhat very light brown or dirty white or beige(?) and for me, that's really nice. I searched for the contest in the web and there's little info about it. But i'm really excited for it. Hahaha. : ) lol.

Now , i have to make a design for two months or so. Deadline is on September 15, 2008. I have to pass it to the same Artwork branch where I bought the box.

Prizes are: (as i remembered, because the box is not by my side right now)

1st: trip to Macau + 25,000 pocket money
2nd: P15, 000
3rd: P 7,000
consolation prizes (7): P 3,000

Also, the contest is opened for the artists 13-25 years old. Yes, go to Artwork now! :P

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Naruto 408: Fukasaku's Proposal

408 started with team Falcon heading to the land of Thunder to chase the Eight-tailed beast. Sasuke's team didn't have much problem in seeking the container of the tailed beast because Sasuke's brand new Sharingan eye came in handy. The man they were questioning even though he was ready to die just to protect the container of the beast, didn't stand the powerful eye that can hypnotize. So he told the truth.

While in Naruto's side, Fukasaku (the toad master) invited Naruto to train in the Sage Arts so it would probably be next issue's story. Naruto will be trained by Fukasaku, just like Jiraiya, and I know eventually, he will surpass Jiraiya. They better hurry because Pain's heading to Konoha already.

Nothing too much for 408, something unusual would be the Falcon team wearing the Akatsuki coats. And yes, they did. So they are officially Akatsuki now. I wonder if they have nail polish too, and what specific color. And do you think they have these individual rings too? And who does the nail polish jobs or is this some kind of jutsu for instant nail colors?

I must sleep now, I can't really think well if I am not getting enough sleep. Good night. :)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Nescafe CLickCLique

Have you seen the latest commercial of Nescafe? There was a normal human boy entering college. He entered the cafeteria or food court and he felt a little out of place. The people consumers in the food court are actually aliens. Hmm, I'm not really a fan of aliens, that's why It is a really weird commercial for me. Anyway, it's their idea. I actually understood that commercial when this happened:

I passed by the Level Up site and saw this cute ad from Nescafe.

Running from June 10 - August 10, 2008 is the Nescafe 3in1 ClickClique Promo. Associated with Friendster, here you should make your own alien character and have as many friends as possible in able to win an Apple Macbook Air. For the secondary prize, the 100 friends of the winner will win 1G limited edition NESCAFÉ 3in1 alien USB flash drives.

ADD MY ALIEN! ...Please ----->

Name: Engr. Alien
Only 2 friends for now. Top alien has 1700+ friends. whew. I know it's kind of late for me to win that Macbook now. But i really want a light-weight laptop, that i can bring anywhere...with all those features. I should have known about that promo earlier! I should have passed by the LU site more often. Well, if it's not for me then it's ok. :)

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Cabal Servers Problem

Cabal PH has 5 servers as of now: Venus, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn and there are 32 channels in each server. But i'm still wondering why the servers are still jam packed that it is always very hard to enter the game.

I was wondering about the right time to enter. Maybe in weekdays from 1 to 5 PM wherein, the student gamers are having classes but still, servers are full. Not AM, because I can't start my day with games. I' thought of 5-6PM wherein students go home, gamers have a break and eat probably, rest their eyes, etc. I've tried it once and I entered the game instantly.

IF each server has 32 channels that can accommodate 100 players each, that would be 16000 players playing at the same time and that's why it's called massively multiplayer orpg.

Possible Causes:

X New Game – Hey, a quite popular mmorpg is finally in the PH, every gamer's excited to try it.

X Advertisement – Maybe the television advertisement enticed too much players. That advertisement looked yummy.

X Bots – Some players can't resist to use bots. There is a word verification after the login page for bots but i think they still exist in the servers.

I believe e-games is doing something about this in the background. But many players just can't be patient especially if they are Premium users or in the internet cafes. I hope e-games can add another server.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Cabal, finally.

I finally get to play this new game. My downloading in rapidshare changed from a file a day to several files a day so i was able to download the cabal files faster. I unzipped the 1st part and installed. I had a problem with Gameguard and downloading the latest patch provided by the e-games blog solved the problem.

I started playing, i made a random character in Saturn server just to roam around and test the game. My character is a FA. I decided to have an archer because I want a long-range attacker and my dream is to be a buffer also. That was a dream from Flyff where my future RM was stucked at level 12, because of the Smartbro - LU problem. It was not very interesting for me at first (up to this moment). I'm still a newbie here, and these are my observations:

excuse my newbieness.

x In distributing points, you have to decide first because it won't ask for a confirmation, once you add a point it's final.
x Some monsters drop many many money.
x It's hard to get in, especially at night, servers are packed.
x People dance here. lol.

It's really hard to get in. I can probably do some other things.