Sunday, July 13, 2008

Naruto 408: Fukasaku's Proposal

408 started with team Falcon heading to the land of Thunder to chase the Eight-tailed beast. Sasuke's team didn't have much problem in seeking the container of the tailed beast because Sasuke's brand new Sharingan eye came in handy. The man they were questioning even though he was ready to die just to protect the container of the beast, didn't stand the powerful eye that can hypnotize. So he told the truth.

While in Naruto's side, Fukasaku (the toad master) invited Naruto to train in the Sage Arts so it would probably be next issue's story. Naruto will be trained by Fukasaku, just like Jiraiya, and I know eventually, he will surpass Jiraiya. They better hurry because Pain's heading to Konoha already.

Nothing too much for 408, something unusual would be the Falcon team wearing the Akatsuki coats. And yes, they did. So they are officially Akatsuki now. I wonder if they have nail polish too, and what specific color. And do you think they have these individual rings too? And who does the nail polish jobs or is this some kind of jutsu for instant nail colors?

I must sleep now, I can't really think well if I am not getting enough sleep. Good night. :)


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