Sunday, July 6, 2008

Cabal, finally.

I finally get to play this new game. My downloading in rapidshare changed from a file a day to several files a day so i was able to download the cabal files faster. I unzipped the 1st part and installed. I had a problem with Gameguard and downloading the latest patch provided by the e-games blog solved the problem.

I started playing, i made a random character in Saturn server just to roam around and test the game. My character is a FA. I decided to have an archer because I want a long-range attacker and my dream is to be a buffer also. That was a dream from Flyff where my future RM was stucked at level 12, because of the Smartbro - LU problem. It was not very interesting for me at first (up to this moment). I'm still a newbie here, and these are my observations:

excuse my newbieness.

x In distributing points, you have to decide first because it won't ask for a confirmation, once you add a point it's final.
x Some monsters drop many many money.
x It's hard to get in, especially at night, servers are packed.
x People dance here. lol.

It's really hard to get in. I can probably do some other things.

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