Monday, June 16, 2008

Why I can't play Flyff PH

I'm still a newbie in flyff (but not very much) and i REALLY enjoyed the game. I had to start over my mage because of the stats distribution problem. So i did and i was making sure the stats are correct. I planned everything. I researched hard about the future second job. I decided not to duel for a clean name. I started selling. I made 5 selling accounts for 5 selling characters. 1 for each job and 1 for quest items. I was earning a lot of Penya with the quest items. but...

One day, i entered Bubble server and I read a message: "Cannot connect to the game please check the network." And it is up to three + months now. So sad. I even called SmartBro, but still can't solve the problem. I just missed the game, my friends, i really missed the feeling of someone buying you stuff. Hehe, and a lot of Penyas.

And i know there are a lot of Smartbro subscribers experiencing this. huhu, Poor us. Why us?!

Update: LU finally had something to say about this. Just check this and do the things that it says. I really don't have the time and will(right now) to do those step by steps. I'll do them someday and I'll update you. If you have the same problem and was helped by LU, please tell me.

Penya - money in Flyff

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