Monday, June 16, 2008

Naruto 404 - Akatsuki and Falcon

Ok. Naruto 404 reminds me of a page error. Ok, Naruto 404 is better. After eating flashbacks in the last two chapters of Naruto, it's good to see the new chapter showing a real continuation to the story.

First, the continuation of Akatsuki story. Kisame knew that Tobi is Madara, and he even called him Mizukage. Sasuke's team (Falcon) is now teaming up with Akatsuki. Of course, Sasuke's goal is to destroy Konoha by killing the elders and Akatsuki's goal is to get the nine-tailed beast for world domination.

Second, Naruto's, Finally, he knew about his mentor's death and of course he was shocked.

... So, i didn't expect that Sasuke will go with Akatsuki. But i don't know if they will really be a part of Akatsuki. It would be interesting to see them in coats with red clouds, the rings and nail art. But...i don't think so. So, after all, Madara's plan is to use Sasuke. He (Sasuke) is a lot powerful now, He's like the Uchiha's + Orochimaru + Itachi now. But i believe he still have a soft heart. And with all these Akatsuki + Falcon plannings, i think some characters will be dead in the next chapters. I hope it wouldn't have to be Kakashi or Tsunade. lol. And i want to see the others in action like Tenten, Neji and Lee again.

the manga: OneManga

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