Saturday, November 29, 2008


harhar. I've been working for a month already, thank God. :) The people are nice, the work is ok. :) When will i make the design for boatsong, wheeennnn!? I plan it to be an art blog.

Hi to every online/offline friend reading this. God bless.

~joy :P

Monday, November 10, 2008

Half Room

Been busy for two weeks already, now i have to manage my time well. I can't even fix this blog's design. You see the bottom of the two div's are not yet finished =)

Some pictures:
bulletin cork board

reminders for interview. lol

Mags, pencil, Bible, sketchbook, etc.

I collect name tags, that's my name!


I'm still thankful because even though i face the computer monitor for many hours a day since the day we had a computer, my vision has not been affected much. I know some people who doesn't even use computers often but has worse vision. I am using eyeglasses now to see from afar and sometimes when i'm using the computer.
If you're looking for high quality, great eyeglasses for less, you can visit Zenni Optical. There are variable dimension frames from Zenni and they are of different colors and styles. Also, Zenni Optical was on Fox!