Thursday, August 28, 2008

Listen to

Another website that i have discovered through mylot is As a Scout, you can go to scout rooms and listen to songs of different genres. Here, you can rate the songs from 0-10 and then give comments about the song you've heard. There are levels to being a scout that will determine the payment for every song you rate.

Yes: As a music liker, i really enjoyed the site at first. But this site will be best for those who are music lovers and are equipped enough to give constructive criticisms for the artists in the site. The artists are mostly amateurs and they really need quality feedback. The pay is alright for me, considering it's not too much work. I can even browse other sites while listening to the songs.

No: There were some songs that i find hard to give comments to. I don't want to give comments such as “It's ok, the best, good work” because it will affect my scouting level. I might get stuck with my current level if i do that. Also, i find it boring when it's done for hours,because of the mixed genres i'm listening to. Some songs are not my type but i just judge them not personally but musically So, my plot is to go to the site whenever i feel like listening to music and then do the scouting.

This is also a site for artists, if you have an amateur band or you are recording your songs, you can sign up for as an artist and get your songs be judged. That will really be helpful. Just check out

Earning With Mylot

I first read about mylot months ago from the forum of, but there was a negative testimony there that was why i did not consider signing up for it. Then, while i was continuing my search to earn from the internet, i always seem to come across the name of mylot as a source of extra earning and information.

Mylot is a social community just like Friendster but it is more dedicated to the discussions rather than the socializing part. Here, you can be paid to start new topics and respond to existing topics. You can also rate (+ or -) the posts of the mylot members. The calculation for mylot earnings, as i have read is not clearly stated but there are some succesful mylot members who gave tips on how to achieve the minimum payout for mylot beginners.

x Make your posts meaningful. Never post one word replies, because it will be deleted and do not respond to one word replies because your post will be deleted too.
x If you are starting a new discussion, upload an image with it. Upload many images, that's what one mylot newbie told me as the reason why he reached a dollar with just 50+ posts.
x Post in different topics.
x Make use of every feature mylot has.

I'm still new to mylot so i don't have much to say or advise to mylot starters. I find this site very informative if you are on the quest to making money online. I am just annoyed by too much discussions about PTC (paid to click) since i don't do PTC anymore. I gave ALL of them up. Oh, maybe i can use my funds for advertising Meia online. Anyway, just try Mylot if you haven't yet. Sign up to mylot.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Visions of the Future Art Contest

Since I joined deviantart, I dreamed of having a graphics tablet. My dream is to become a great artist in deviantart, just like them. I was starting fine then but because of my schedule and works in school, i was not able to fulfill that dream. Now, that i have graduated, it is my time to get back. I really want to have a tablet. That's why I've been eyeing on the wacom site for their contests. The latest contest is about the future.

The contest is about your dream, your imaginations about the future. What or how do you want your future to be? Exactly, the year is 2088, you have to capture all your thoughts about the year 2088 into a digital masterpiece. Will there still be trees? What will be the role of robots then? Will there be mobile buildings?

The contest is divided into two. The first is in the topic, “Life in the Year 2088” and the other is “Hero of the Year 2088” wherein you can win an Intuos3 6x8 or 6x11 for both category.

But first, to join the Contest, you have to be from the Asia-Pacific. According to the official website , this does not include the countries China, Hong Kong and Japan. You can only submit one entry in JPG, GIF or PNG. Make sure to submit your work on or before September 30, 2008.

For more contest rules and other essential detials, go to wacom asia pacific contest page.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

My experience with PTC's

Paid to Click sites are really increasing nowadays and in the last 4 days, I have signed up to 14 of them. Call me a newbie in this PTC craze. So, for some days, I was clicking ads and signing up for new PTC sites. Some are not just PTC sites but GPT or get paid to sites like get paid to read, surf, sign-up. After a few days, I became tired of clicking and doing these things. Imagine, having to click a hundred links for three months everyday. And i don't and will not use an auto-click script. It's not enjoying anymore and i was wasting my time. I think it's a strategy for the PTC business to accept the ads from other PTC sites so that the clickers will be enticed to sign-up to other PTC sites and then after some days, these clickers will get tired and stop clicking and the some cents that they have gained will not be given to them because they have not reach the minimum cashout amount. So, these PTC sites are really gaining, eh? I'm one of those clickers who gave up. Being a clicker, yes, but i'm still considering building a small blog for the referrals.

update: I have heard some not so nice comments about, i'm still trying a few now, and after i tested them and got paid, then i will look for referrals. :)

An August 2008 blog contest

In my search my earning in the internet, i have also thought of joining contests. They are easy to locate but I do not have enough motivation to do all the requirements of these contests. I have been searching for August 2008 blog contests now. If you are also looking, here's one: The Crunch Now Contest. You can win an Ipod Nano and $250 Gift Card. Just go there for the details, okay: Crunch Now Contest.

I got the pic from thanks

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Get paid to answer surveys

In my search for some ways to earn in the internet, I have gained this idea about paid surveys, but it was sad to discover that most online surveys are just for the US and Canada residents. As well as most gpt or get-paid to sites. But i found one paid survey site that is for international users. I have also seen proofs that they really pay. Sign up to DNeero.

Here i posted answers to a survey about the events that are happening in the month of August. There are so many different things that are happening in this month: wars in countries and in the Philippines (Mindanao area), the Olympics, the prices going up, etc. Take a look at my answers:

update August 24, 2008, new survey about Biden and Obama

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What is xml?

It is bothering me. I need to make layouts for my blogs. I need to make clean ones. Years ago i knew how to make html sites to make blogger templates and also learned to make wordpress themes. But being away from the blogging world for so long, i think I have to relearn and learn new things. When i got back, blogger is using this xml already, and my layouts have to be widget-ready. This is not neat. But still challenges me. I still have no work and I still do have time. But right now, my brother shares my laptop with me, because he learned how to play an mmorpg. This is quite frustrating.

Right now, i am searching for xml tutorials, e-books anyone? or suggestions? I need to learn that. I'm still on the search. I also wanted to have my own domain but doesn't have enough money, i really don't have because i don't have work yet. I just started to look for legit online jobs: GPT's and they realy give me headaches. Get paid to click, surf, read, display ads, discuss, etc. I am not really going to stay in all of those, i'm just trying some. Arghh, all of these stuff are tiring. But i'm still happy that i'm alive. Thank God.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Featuring 11 Fan Art Artists of Deviantart

Do you have a deviantart account? I have lots of accounts there from 2005. But I have a permanent one. Okay, deviantart is the place for the artists – for the amateur, aspiring and professional alike. If you like anime, you can check fanart artists there. But if you are having a hard time looking for artists, this article might help you. I have been observing, watching or fav-ing everyone's work here, that's why I can feature them. They all have something in common, just figure it out. I decided not to post their works here, you better check their galleries. And remember, they all hate art-thieves. Just click their red names to go to their galleries:

1.) kunoichi-san – She is an artist residing in Poland and a fan of Yondaime (Minato). My favorites among her works are the Naruto-Hinata and Yondaime artworks.

2.) idnar – Idnar is more on the realistic aspect. It's nice to see a realistic Orochimaru, Sasuke and many others.

3.) NorthenBanshee – Another one in the semi-realistic to realistic scene. My favorite would the Akatsuki (Red Moon Inc.). Just find that one.

4.) Melllorine - Melllorine's works are mostly Naruto characters. I just love her choice of colors.

5.) toontwins - You must check them if you are a Naruto fan and want to laugh.

6.) pokefreak - A gallery mostly of Naruto characters again. My favorite of which is the Uchiha family portrait *sad*.

7.) saifongjunfan - She is a very good artist from the Philippines. She also likes both Naruto and Avatar. My favorite from her works is the portrait of Prince Zuko (Banished).

8.) nekozumi - Nekozumi's main works are of Naruto and Bleach. I thought some were screenshots at first.

9.) nekoni - Colorful works. Check Nekoni's Naruto Tensei manga. :)

10.) sasorisama - Sasorisama is residing in Spain. Featured in his works are the Uchiha brothers, Naruto, Sakura, Kakashi and more of Naruto...and of course there's Sasori.

11.) guardianspirit - Yay! i've just discovered Guardianspirit (my favorite now). I really admire her use of colors, the soft touch of her artworks and the humor also. She is always featuring the Akatsuki members. Just check my fave -> Slumber Party.

12.) Me! - Joke!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Remembering Three Classic RPG’s.

I'm not a pro, mad or addict gamer. I am just one who enjoys spending some time playing games especially RPGs. Looking back, i remember some games that really gave me challenges and fun. There are three:

1.) Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete. It is one of my favorite RPG. Being an anime-liker, the little anime clips are really fun and entertaining, especially the songs of Luna. The game play resembles a typical rpg battle scene. The storyline is good too. There are colorful characters and love teams. Here, I learned about the importance of stacking plenty of HP and MP potions before a boss fight.

This is the intro song of the game,all the major characters and villains are shown here. *This is nostalgia.*

This is the video for Luna's Boat Song. This features Luna and Alex.

2.) Star Ocean: The Second Story. Excellent gameplay, with skills and the battle scene is different because your characters will not stand in a straight line and wait for your command. They will do their own fighting or healing and you can choose whom to control. My favorites to control back then were Claude and Ashton. Here you can choose to play the story of Claude or Rena and you can end the story in many ways. The downside is too many conversations. You can also be fed up with Celine’s spells. Just when you are enjoying the slashing, time will suddenly stop to make way for Celine’s falling stars. But she is a real damager. That’s why I like to have mages as characters. There is a manga and an anime (Star Ocean Ex) for SO2 also.

These are all the characters.

This is the first episode( part 1) of the anime adaptation, Star Ocean Ex.

3.) Final Fantasy VIII. This is the first FF i played. At first I didn’t like the idea of a 3-d game because I was used to 2d. But I was amazed at the CG movies. They all look good and the story is full of mystery. It was also a game where I remembered being so nervous when attackers come or when I have to face bosses. The game was lent to me back in high school by a friend/classmate. Along with the cds, she also handed me a two-inch thick (as I remembered) printed walkthrough of the game. That’s why I was so fast. My favorite back then was Zell, the tattoo-face boy.

The dance scene of Rinoa and Squall.

For the pictures, thanks to: 1, 2, and 3. Thanks to Youtube uploaders for the videos. :)

Friday, August 1, 2008

My brother is playing too.

My younger brother is not home this time, so i can write about him. He asked me to make a Cabal account for him. After some arguments, i still made him one. I haven't visited the game in almost a month (i think) or 3 weeks. I was fed up because the servers were always full.

Then he played. He chose to be a blader. And i think he is really enjoying it now. I never thought he would because he doesn't like rpg's. He's always into NBA live and have no patience in roaming around the villages, distributing points and planning. Hmm, now i have a competition in using my laptop. That's why i tried to install the game in our old desktop but it's too slow for mmorpg's. Okay, but it's still fine. I know he's going to surpass my level soon. There's a possibility that i'll delete this part. :)


It was boring. hehe. It was all about Sasuke. I want to see other characters!


I really don't have much time about anime this days. But i just download. Someone from Friendship and Counseling Forum told me that Macross Frontier is a good one. Someone from deviantart recommended Claymore. Aarggh, so many animes, so little time. I haven't even watched the ending episodes of avatar. Avatar is already finished? that's really sad.