Thursday, August 28, 2008

Earning With Mylot

I first read about mylot months ago from the forum of, but there was a negative testimony there that was why i did not consider signing up for it. Then, while i was continuing my search to earn from the internet, i always seem to come across the name of mylot as a source of extra earning and information.

Mylot is a social community just like Friendster but it is more dedicated to the discussions rather than the socializing part. Here, you can be paid to start new topics and respond to existing topics. You can also rate (+ or -) the posts of the mylot members. The calculation for mylot earnings, as i have read is not clearly stated but there are some succesful mylot members who gave tips on how to achieve the minimum payout for mylot beginners.

x Make your posts meaningful. Never post one word replies, because it will be deleted and do not respond to one word replies because your post will be deleted too.
x If you are starting a new discussion, upload an image with it. Upload many images, that's what one mylot newbie told me as the reason why he reached a dollar with just 50+ posts.
x Post in different topics.
x Make use of every feature mylot has.

I'm still new to mylot so i don't have much to say or advise to mylot starters. I find this site very informative if you are on the quest to making money online. I am just annoyed by too much discussions about PTC (paid to click) since i don't do PTC anymore. I gave ALL of them up. Oh, maybe i can use my funds for advertising Meia online. Anyway, just try Mylot if you haven't yet. Sign up to mylot.

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