Thursday, August 28, 2008

Listen to

Another website that i have discovered through mylot is As a Scout, you can go to scout rooms and listen to songs of different genres. Here, you can rate the songs from 0-10 and then give comments about the song you've heard. There are levels to being a scout that will determine the payment for every song you rate.

Yes: As a music liker, i really enjoyed the site at first. But this site will be best for those who are music lovers and are equipped enough to give constructive criticisms for the artists in the site. The artists are mostly amateurs and they really need quality feedback. The pay is alright for me, considering it's not too much work. I can even browse other sites while listening to the songs.

No: There were some songs that i find hard to give comments to. I don't want to give comments such as “It's ok, the best, good work” because it will affect my scouting level. I might get stuck with my current level if i do that. Also, i find it boring when it's done for hours,because of the mixed genres i'm listening to. Some songs are not my type but i just judge them not personally but musically So, my plot is to go to the site whenever i feel like listening to music and then do the scouting.

This is also a site for artists, if you have an amateur band or you are recording your songs, you can sign up for as an artist and get your songs be judged. That will really be helpful. Just check out

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