Friday, August 1, 2008

My brother is playing too.

My younger brother is not home this time, so i can write about him. He asked me to make a Cabal account for him. After some arguments, i still made him one. I haven't visited the game in almost a month (i think) or 3 weeks. I was fed up because the servers were always full.

Then he played. He chose to be a blader. And i think he is really enjoying it now. I never thought he would because he doesn't like rpg's. He's always into NBA live and have no patience in roaming around the villages, distributing points and planning. Hmm, now i have a competition in using my laptop. That's why i tried to install the game in our old desktop but it's too slow for mmorpg's. Okay, but it's still fine. I know he's going to surpass my level soon. There's a possibility that i'll delete this part. :)


It was boring. hehe. It was all about Sasuke. I want to see other characters!


I really don't have much time about anime this days. But i just download. Someone from Friendship and Counseling Forum told me that Macross Frontier is a good one. Someone from deviantart recommended Claymore. Aarggh, so many animes, so little time. I haven't even watched the ending episodes of avatar. Avatar is already finished? that's really sad.


nimzoindy said...

What is Cabal account? Some sort of online gaming?
I like anine too, but just downloaded Prince of Tennis.

Meia said...

Cabal(PH)is an online game (mmorpg) in the Philippines.

I want to see the Prince of Tennis too. :)

Nanaybelen said...

those are favorite games of my son. If possible i do not like him to play because I can not hop for my blog

Lab Lab said...

avatar tapos na? daw wala pa man? hehe nami-an man ko na..may ara bag-o ang air master...sagad2 sng babae si macky...hehe

Meia said...

yup, avatar is finished already, up to ep. 21. But i still haven't watched.

PALS said...

Yes. is an online game. I want to play it but i dont have time. ("gusto kong maglaro pero wala akong time")

Thank you
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Tykez said...

You can watch the full avatar series at! Astig!!!