Thursday, August 14, 2008

My experience with PTC's

Paid to Click sites are really increasing nowadays and in the last 4 days, I have signed up to 14 of them. Call me a newbie in this PTC craze. So, for some days, I was clicking ads and signing up for new PTC sites. Some are not just PTC sites but GPT or get paid to sites like get paid to read, surf, sign-up. After a few days, I became tired of clicking and doing these things. Imagine, having to click a hundred links for three months everyday. And i don't and will not use an auto-click script. It's not enjoying anymore and i was wasting my time. I think it's a strategy for the PTC business to accept the ads from other PTC sites so that the clickers will be enticed to sign-up to other PTC sites and then after some days, these clickers will get tired and stop clicking and the some cents that they have gained will not be given to them because they have not reach the minimum cashout amount. So, these PTC sites are really gaining, eh? I'm one of those clickers who gave up. Being a clicker, yes, but i'm still considering building a small blog for the referrals.

update: I have heard some not so nice comments about, i'm still trying a few now, and after i tested them and got paid, then i will look for referrals. :)


sapimoto said...

I has joined a year ago, this is a good PTC, but paying for member is very long time.
If you interest with another PTC, this is my best PTC that was pay me at June 2008:

scatterhaiku said...

good for you, staying strong and saying no to auto clickers. :)

sayang, i already signed up for before. but i'm not active anymore. :( so much to learn about blogging...

chubskulit said...

Just like you, I got tired of joining all these stuff. Although am still active with some of them. Is any good?

Anza said...

Yeah .. same like you, I got tired of joining all these stuff, make me boring. I'll check it first about Thanks for this info :)

Edelweiza said...

i tried signing up at these PTC sites but after a while i got bored..maybe it's really not for me.. good luck to you! :)

Tykez said...

Hello, I have been signing up to many PTC sityes within the past week. And here's what I like from most of them.

$0.01 per click
$1.99 minimum Payout.
AlertPay payment

What's best is that you can click the ads every 12 hours unlike other PTC sites. I am nearing my pay out myself. It's one of the hottest PTC sites now

In case your interested to sign up
please put tykez, yes that's me as referrer.

Tykez said...

Forget about it's not a good site now. is still paying if your willing to wait for 6-7 months until you receive your money. As of now I'll be sticking with GPT, although the click rate is low but I read good feedbacks that these are legitimate site and I have a good feeling that they will pay me.

In case you want to sign up please make me your referrer put my name "tykez" I would appreciate it.