Thursday, August 7, 2008

Remembering Three Classic RPG’s.

I'm not a pro, mad or addict gamer. I am just one who enjoys spending some time playing games especially RPGs. Looking back, i remember some games that really gave me challenges and fun. There are three:

1.) Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete. It is one of my favorite RPG. Being an anime-liker, the little anime clips are really fun and entertaining, especially the songs of Luna. The game play resembles a typical rpg battle scene. The storyline is good too. There are colorful characters and love teams. Here, I learned about the importance of stacking plenty of HP and MP potions before a boss fight.

This is the intro song of the game,all the major characters and villains are shown here. *This is nostalgia.*

This is the video for Luna's Boat Song. This features Luna and Alex.

2.) Star Ocean: The Second Story. Excellent gameplay, with skills and the battle scene is different because your characters will not stand in a straight line and wait for your command. They will do their own fighting or healing and you can choose whom to control. My favorites to control back then were Claude and Ashton. Here you can choose to play the story of Claude or Rena and you can end the story in many ways. The downside is too many conversations. You can also be fed up with Celine’s spells. Just when you are enjoying the slashing, time will suddenly stop to make way for Celine’s falling stars. But she is a real damager. That’s why I like to have mages as characters. There is a manga and an anime (Star Ocean Ex) for SO2 also.

These are all the characters.

This is the first episode( part 1) of the anime adaptation, Star Ocean Ex.

3.) Final Fantasy VIII. This is the first FF i played. At first I didn’t like the idea of a 3-d game because I was used to 2d. But I was amazed at the CG movies. They all look good and the story is full of mystery. It was also a game where I remembered being so nervous when attackers come or when I have to face bosses. The game was lent to me back in high school by a friend/classmate. Along with the cds, she also handed me a two-inch thick (as I remembered) printed walkthrough of the game. That’s why I was so fast. My favorite back then was Zell, the tattoo-face boy.

The dance scene of Rinoa and Squall.

For the pictures, thanks to: 1, 2, and 3. Thanks to Youtube uploaders for the videos. :)

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Jan Alvin said...

Wow! I'm a fan of Final Fantasy, thanks for including it to the list.