Saturday, November 29, 2008


harhar. I've been working for a month already, thank God. :) The people are nice, the work is ok. :) When will i make the design for boatsong, wheeennnn!? I plan it to be an art blog.

Hi to every online/offline friend reading this. God bless.

~joy :P


Kathrin said...

Now na joy! haha
Diin ka nagapangita graphics nimo sa layout mo? Gusto ko na maghimo blog layout liwat. :)

Philip & Chette said...

Philip: Pa link naman hehehe :D
Chette: yep ang cute! Pinkish!!! *_*
Philip: ala... ehehe... Pinkish.. @.@

kittykat said...

hello dear..long time no's work??finally..after sometime you were able to visit again..God bless you always..