Thursday, June 12, 2008

CABAL Online: The Revolution of Action

CABAL Online is a FREE to play mmorpg that is in Open Beta Testing for some time under E-Games in the Philippines. Just like other RPG's, you have a variety of classes to choose from.

from the official website:

Warrior: The best melee fighter who possesses powerful fencing skills.
Wizard: Ultimate Destroyer, the Ruler of the Force.
Blader: The deadly blade dancer, the fastest dual sword user.
Force Archer: The sniper that fires deadly force shots that cut through the wind.
Force Shielder: The faithful warrior that uses the force to shield others.
Force Blader: Swordsman whose blade flares with the force.

So, after seeing posters of this game and even the television advertisement, I really would like to play this game. I have already registered for the OBT but had problems with the downloading. See this page if you want to download the game. At first glance, I was happy to see many links but after i tried downloading (picking the torrent first) I was quite disappointed because of the slowness. I tried rapidshare but i can only download a file a day. And for megaupload, i needed to download their toolbar. I just sticked with rapidshare.

So the game. I wanted to be a BUFFER! I always wanted to help and heal. If you are wondering who is the buffer class, it's the Force Archers. ARCHER? i really don't like RPG archers. From MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE, they have been the ones that are pvp maniacs, the boastful, angas ones (peace) But it's just their impression on me.

So, it's already June 12, check the game and probably you can inform me. hehe.

Noobs section:
Noob - newbie or a newcomer, you are new to a thing.
pvp - player vs. player
rpg - role-playing game
mmorpg - massively multiplayer online role-playing game
OBT - open beta testing
buffer - in mmorpg, the one that enhances the player, example heal you or raise your strength or defense

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