Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Cabal Servers Problem

Cabal PH has 5 servers as of now: Venus, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn and there are 32 channels in each server. But i'm still wondering why the servers are still jam packed that it is always very hard to enter the game.

I was wondering about the right time to enter. Maybe in weekdays from 1 to 5 PM wherein, the student gamers are having classes but still, servers are full. Not AM, because I can't start my day with games. I' thought of 5-6PM wherein students go home, gamers have a break and eat probably, rest their eyes, etc. I've tried it once and I entered the game instantly.

IF each server has 32 channels that can accommodate 100 players each, that would be 16000 players playing at the same time and that's why it's called massively multiplayer orpg.

Possible Causes:

X New Game – Hey, a quite popular mmorpg is finally in the PH, every gamer's excited to try it.

X Advertisement – Maybe the television advertisement enticed too much players. That advertisement looked yummy.

X Bots – Some players can't resist to use bots. There is a word verification after the login page for bots but i think they still exist in the servers.

I believe e-games is doing something about this in the background. But many players just can't be patient especially if they are Premium users or in the internet cafes. I hope e-games can add another server.

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