Tuesday, July 22, 2008

12 Cool and Cute USB Designs

How does your USB look like? Mine is just looking usual unlike the ones down. While most of us are using and buying USB's in the tradtional shapes and sizes, some people that are techy + creative are making unique designs of these memory sticks. Of course, they're USB's, in the technical side, they're all the same. But when we want to showcase our individuality through our USB's, it's not a crime to spend, right? I've searched for images of usb designs and chose the cute looking ones to feature. There are so many designs, but I just chose 12.

1.) USB with crystals for a glamorous nerd. (That's not me :P)

2.) Cute to the max. I really like the drawings and color combinations used.

3.) Halo 3 USB design.

4.) Mickey mouse shape with photo frame is cute too. I like the reddish one.

5.) A robot USB design. I just remembered my college life. lol.

6.) Doggie bones. The colors are neat too.

7.) For the sake of sake. I just remembered Rock Lee. Cool looking laptop there.

8.) That set looks yummy.

9.) The old tape has been revived with this tape USB design.

10.) Yummy or is this really USB?

11.) I want the pink one.

12. The wooden design. This is probably my favorite.

All the pictures used in this blog post are not mine. I got them from different sites and I didn't have the time and will to trace the original owners of the pictures. Thank you.


Gerald Galindez said...

i like the cassette tape USB... so coool.. hehehe

nice blog here...

Meia said...

that's cool too. I like the wooden one.

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This all designs are fabulous.

john roy said...

that is so cool. i wanna try those cassette and the bone-like cassette

Lab Lab said...

cool usb! grabeh mahal galing!

Makaila said...

Keep up the good work.