Saturday, October 4, 2008

Job Hunting?

I am searching for jobs through the internet and it is quite frustrating. I am watching updates (yah, watching, like watching grasses grow) from jobstreet, jobsdb and all other job sites. I also look for IT companies through wikimapia, from Bacolod's map. hehe. Doing that is quite entertaining. It is a Google Earth map, but people are allowed to put labels. I actually saw the names of my two college teachers there, it was funny. I found 1 potential company from that map.

I also had a day when me and two other classmates submitted resumes to the establishments in Bacolod. I submitted about 9 resumes for that day. Only one called and interviewed and i believe i failed that interview. On Monday, i will go to this building to submit an application ( I would have to call them first to see if the position is still open) although, i have already submitted an application by e-mail. hehe. They actually might be annoyed with me.

I just do not want to be late because almost a month ago, i saw a job posting that i really liked. It was Thursday but i submitted on Monday. When I called them, the girl told me that they already have a line up for that job. Yeah, and i thought, all the Engineering, IT and IT related grads in Bacolod + all the other job hunters are waiting too, just like me, so i have to be quick and most of all, ready.

I'm just armed with prayer and holding on to God's promises. haha. If it's for me, it's for me!

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