Thursday, October 2, 2008

I'm Back!

Yes, finally i have finished this layout. After almost a month of not updating, I decided to revive this blog and turn it from a niche blog to a personal blog.

I reverted back to the blogger classic templates because i still do not give enough time to learn xml. Besides, i learned and reviewed many valuables lessons upon making this layout.

I also removed unnecessary things like ads, the world visitor map, mybloglog, and homepagesfriends banner.

I can not remember my cbox account so i can not change the colors of it.

I missed blogging, and the bloghopping, i knew that Google Pagerank Update was done already and i didn't acquire any rank, still in the zero-ness. But I'm glad that my Alexa and Technorati ranks are doing good.

Online Earnings? well, i've put that down some steps away from my top priorities, as i have read somewhere, profit will come from what you enjoy doing. hehe.

Anyway, i searched for cupcakes in Flickr for this layout and that got me drooling over those cute and yummy-looking cupcakes, why don't you try looking at Bakerella's photostream.

For the personal side, I still am jobless, i submitted some applications in the passed month and this month but still am not hearing anything from them.


Do you have a Deviantart? Mine is Summersent. :)

Okay Godbless!


For the person(s) who commented on my last post:

Kittykat - thanks for the comment! :)


kittykat said...

hi friend welcome back..I missed you..Well I everybody else did..hope its for good now..

chubskulit said...

I love the look of your blog, look so cozy!

dropped ec here... hope u can visit my blog too.. and hubby's


dona said...

hi i have a job for you if you're still unemployed.pls contact me from bacolod city.text me a message