Sunday, October 12, 2008

Forums and Dreams

I've been lurking and posting around some forums these days. One forum is tfichurch which is an unofficial forum for all the TFI church members across the Philippines. It's quite fun to share about our faith and ministries especially the Multimedia team.

Another forum is PhilWeavers. I was visiting this site years ago but i just decided to join last month. There's so much to learn from here if you are into web designing and web developing. I also knew that i'm not alone with my sentiment regarding against the Friendster profile (customized) designs. I'm also not the only one who has a non-art course wanting to venture into graphic design. Etc...

I got inspired. Now i want to be graphic artist/web developer/web designer. :)

1 comment:

emotera said...

wow! same here. I also want to customize my page but does'nt have any knowledge on how to create one.God bless sis! Are you a Christian as well???

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